About Us...

CALZANETTO S.L. has over more than thirty years of experience as a manufacturer of high-quality shoe care sponges. Our sponges clean and shine shoes and all other leather and vinyl products. All CALZANETTO sponges are manufactured entirely in Spain with European raw material. Our production is 100% committed to the manufacture of shoe care sponges, being the only activity of the company. This focus is what enables us to make the finest sponges available in the market today. CALZANETTO exports 99% of its production from our Spanish facilities to the five continents.

CALZANETTO S.L. has invested significantly in research, development and sustainability. We have designed and built our own machinery which ensures an efficient production of shoe care sponges, while protecting both our workers and the environment. CALZANETTO has been committed since its inception to working with recycled and recyclable materials. Since the 1990s, we are participating in The Duales System Germany (Der Grüne Punkt) and, since the 2000s in Ecoembes Spain for recycling sales packages. We recycle almost the total amount of raw material waste generated during our manufacturing process (foam, plastic and carton), contributing with the circular economy. Furthermore, we continue our research to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. CALZANETTO has improved its installations, dedicating 2.500 square meters to the production of renewable energy, thereby contributing to a cleaner and more habitable world. We cooperate with local entities to support people at risk of social exclusion and also, with sports associations to help in the development of talented young performers.

CALZANETTO shoe care sponges are manufactured for people of all ages, races, colours, religions and political orientations. If you are intolerant towards other colours, races, religions or political convictions, please, do not buy our sponges; they are not made for you.